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Corporate Investigations

Organizations today face the daunting possibility of allegations of wrongdoing from any number of sources—shareholders, anonymous whistleblowers, regulatory agencies, employees, vendors, customers and suppliers. Often, the board or audit committee and management must respond rapidly to allegations in order to stem potential financial losses resulting from adverse publicity, reactions from the financial market or even the possibility of regulatory enforcement actions.
Shelton Investigations practice assists clients in evaluating allegations of fraud or other wrongdoing involving management, employees or third parties. We combine accounting, investigative, financial, technology and industry resources to respond rapidly and thoroughly to a variety of allegations including:

    • Bank fraud

    • Breaches of employee agreements

    • Employee embezzlement and theft

    • Fictitious vendor schemes

    • Financial investigations

    • Financial statement misrepresentations

    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

    • Harassment

    • Improper accounting for employee benefits and stock option grants

    • Inappropriate related-party transactions

    • Inappropriate revenue and expense recognition

    • Kickbacks and self-dealing

    • Money laundering

    • Rogue trading

    • Theft of trade secrets

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