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GPS Vehicle Tracking Investigations

Our GPS Vehicle Trackers are a very easy and inexpensive way to follow a subject 24/7 without the cost or the fear of being caught and is an excellent tool used often by our private investigators.Our GPS tracking devices are commonly used to:

  • Monitor employees
  • Alert spouses of infidelity
  • Track a package
  • Track a fleet of vehicles
  • Monitor what your child is doing away from your home

If you suspect something unsettling is occurring within your life, and are unaware of the specifics, desiring the solid proof, then that is when GPS tracking can be a valuable tool. GPS tracking is a good alternative when a client can’t meet the expense of video surveillance. If you do not need video as proof and you simply want to track or monitor persons or assets, then GPS tracking may be right for you.

Shelton Investigations is also able to rent our GPS tracking units to businesses and individuals in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, assisting clients in eliminating the cost of a large equipment purchase. Our GPS trackers accurately evaluate all travel activities with proof of exact date, time, speed, direction of travel and location.

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