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    Criminal and Civil Investigations

    Shelton Investigations of Angola, Indiana is a Private Investigations Firm serving the Tri-State area with a variety of investigation Services. We are licensed, insured professional private investigators with a combined 50-plus years of experience and offices in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

    Investigations Civil Investigations
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    Background Checks

    There are many types of background checks that Shelton Investigations can conduct for our clients in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The most common is Pre-employment background investigation that can uncover information about your new hire before the person can become a liability to your company. The pre-employment investigation can include verification of the applicant’s name and social security number, driver’s license verification, criminal history check, civil judgments, outstanding warrants and much, much more. 

    Background Check
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    Our investigators have conducted numerous types of surveillance in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Our evidence can be either videotaped, or discreetly documented and submitted in a verbal or written report. We set the highest standards in our surveillance operations and abide by the requirements of the insurance industry, legal community, and the general public.

    Surveillance Surveillance
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    Infidelity can have a truly devastating impact on you, your children and family. Rather than live in fear of the possibility that your spouse is committing an infidelity or remain paralyzed by a betrayal that has taken place, you can educate yourself and empower yourself to prevent infidelity from happening.

    Infidelity Marital Infidelity
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    Child to Elder Abuse

    Does your child/children live in an unhealthy and or abusive home? Often times when the children are divided between two homes, there is always fear that the child or children will not be taken care of and encourages a parent to fight for sole custody. Elder Abuse happens everywhere; in poor, middle class, and upper income households. It is a problem that has no demographic or ethnic boundaries and can happen in a nursing facility or in the victim’s home.

    Child Abuse Elder Abuse
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    Insurance Fraud

    Shelton Investigations has worked for numerous clients in the Insurance industry and we have a highly skilled staff of Insurance Fraud Private Investigators that are ready to investigate fraudulent claims in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. Our investigators assist clients such as: Claims Adjusters, claims managers, risk managers, insurance companies, insurance defense attorneys, law firms, third party administrators, SIU departments and more.

    Fraud Fraud
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    Vehicle Investigations

    If you suspect something unsettling is occurring within your life, and are unaware of the specifics, desiring the solid proof, then that is when GPS tracking can be a valuable tool. GPS tracking is a good alternative when a client can’t meet the expense of video surveillance. If you do not need video as proof and you simply want to track or monitor persons or assets, then GPS tracking may be right for you.

    Vehicle Investigation
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    Workplace Investigations

    When an accident occurs in a workplace, it’s vital that an employer protects themselves by retaining an investigative agency that is a third party to conduct a thorough workplace investigation. An inaccurate or incomplete investigation can greatly increase your potential liability as an employer. When an accident does occur in the workplace, it is vital to have this investigation started immediately, generally within 24-48 hours after the time of accident.

    Workplace Investigation Workers Compensation

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Read About Ken in the Thunderbolt Newsletter - February 2018
5 Questions with Ken Shelton
By Mariah Rodriguez
Civil Engineering '21

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New president, Shelton, from Angola

by JAMIE DUFFY jduffy@jg.net | The Journal Gazette

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Behind every good lawyer, there may be a legal investigator.

It's a profession that goes beyond the trench coat and magnifying glass, beyond what a private investigator does. Not every sleuth is a legal investigator.

Quite often, legal investigators pursue the facts in personal injury and criminal defense cases, contract disputes, divorce and child custody matters and corporate due diligence.

The National Association of Legal Investigators is pretty picky about its members, according to one board officer, and requires a rigorous background check and review before membership acceptance.

The new national director of NALI is Ken Shelton, a legal investigator in Angola, whose one-year term began in September.

“It's pretty hard to get into NALI,” said Nicole Bocra, NALI's assistant national director and a legal investigator in Arlington, Virginia, whose specialty is forensic accounting and white-collar crime. “You can't just pass your state licensing test and get in.”

Before accepting the responsibilities of director of NALI, which has about 350 members, Shelton, 70, was director for Region II representing Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia, according to the NALI website.

Bocra said Shelton is a good choice for the job because he is open-minded and diplomatic.

“All of us are from different areas of the world, including Canada and England. All of us bring a different skill set to the board and that skill set, Ken is very good at utilizing everyone's strengths,” Bocra said.

NALI, with headquarters in Michigan, holds two annual conferences all over the U.S.

Shelton, a retired Indiana State Police trooper, said the year will give him a chance to work closely with the association's members and get involved with training and networking.

“I'll learn as well and help direct the course of the members and new members. The better they are trained, the better job they will do,” Shelton said.

The director's job is a volunteer-elected position that can span two years, Shelton said. He has no plans to retire from the profession yet.

Many legal investigators have fields of specialty and Bocra believes Shelton excels at witness interviews.

Shelton said during his 13 years with Indiana State Police, he spent two years in undercover narcotics in various regions. His favorite part of the job was criminal investigations.

“In a criminal case, they may say their client was charged with a crime, so we would interview the defendant and get his or her side of the story (along with reading) police investigators' reports. You ask questions and you start putting the case together and see if it makes sense. You make sure the defendant's rights are protected as well,” Shelton said.

In a criminal defense case, a legal investigator might conduct witness interviews, identify experts to testify, coordinate all the lab tests and results or run background checks on potential jurors, Bocra said.

“Social media and data resources of the internet have contributed to the investigative services,” Shelton said.

Don Johnson, a former national director and legal investigator in Bloomington, said NALI is there for networking among members and continuing education.

“We have to maintain certain educational units every year,” said Johnson, whose firm does background screening.

He called Shelton “a gentleman and a scholar and a man with a good heart and a big heart. He's a great guy. He really is.”

Asked for an example of a high-profile legal investigator, no one from NALI wanted to offer up any names. As a rule, they are behind-the-scenes experts hired across the aisle to get to the bottom of a situation.

NALI's motto, Shelton said, says it all: “Without the true facts, there can be no justice.”

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The Staff at Shelton Investigations has 50 plus years of Experience in the following areas:

  • State Police/Criminal Investigations
  • Undercover Investigations and Surveillance
  • Court and Trial Preparation
  • Degreed Professionals in multiple investigative disciplines
  • Licensed and insured investigators
  • Professionalism and Client Privacy

Our Professional Investigators

Shelton Investigations of Angola, Indiana is a Private Investigations Firm serving the Tri-State area with a variety of investigation Services. We are licensed, insured professional private investigators with a combined 50-plus years of experience. A Shelton private investigator typically is retained to help attorneys, businesses or individuals determine the facts in legal, financial, personal and other confidential matters.

At Shelton Investigations we offer a variety of services, which include:

  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Civil Investigations
  • Death Investigations
  • Workman's Compensation Investigations & Surveillance
  • Process Service with Notary in IN, OH & MI
  • Background Checks
  • Detailed Witness Interviews
  • Video Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Lie Detection Analysis
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Drivers License/Vehicle Registration Search
  • Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
  • GPS Tracking
  • Asset Search
  • Computer Forensics as well as other services

Our trained investigators use many different techniques from undercover investigations, surveillance, interviewing, court research etc, in an effort to provide our client the most accurate information available in order to help them determine the facts in a variety of matters.

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